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What is the purpose of Attribution Guru?

Attribution Guru is designed to inform you about how your customers interact with your paid advertising and organic marketing. By integrating with tools and platforms you use (e.g. Shopify, Klayvio, FB Ads), Attribution Guru can capture details about each customer's journey from the first click through purchase. Attribution Guru will analyze this data to detect trends and bottlenecks that will allow you to make your advertising and marketing more effective and give you the results you want for less money.

How will Attribution Guru save me money?

1. Attribution Guru is designed to track the customer journey from first contact to purchase. This will allow you to evaluate all your advertising and marketing channels. You'll know which channels you want to increase and which are not working efficiently.

2. Since Attribution Guru records every step of the customer journey, it will help you identify bottlenecks. By focusing on the areas of the customer journey that are not effectively moving your customers to purchase your product or service, you will remove friction and decrease the acquisition cost for each sale.

3. Attribution Guru includes tools (wizards) to help you correctly set up paid advertising (e.g., Facebook Ads). Using these wizards will avoid common mistakes that can result in higher advertising costs than necessary.

What platforms work with Attribution Guru?

Currently, Attribution Guru supports stores built on the Shopify platform.

What integrations work with Attribution Guru?

Attribution Guru works with Shopify, Klaviyo and Facebook Ads (coming soon). Future integrations are planned.

How do I install Attribution Guru?

Start by installing the Shopify App. Next, set up any other integrations with other tools you are using (e.g. Klaviyo). Finally, set up UTM parameters for any outside links you control (Ads, Social Media, Email). This will allow Attribution Guru to know where inbound clicks originate.

How much does it cost?

Attribution Guru has multiple plans, from our “Free Plan” to “Enterprise.”

We aim to ensure that the Attribution Guru pays for itself by reducing costs and increasing ROAS on your marketing and advertising.

What will you do with my data?

Our position is that you own your data. It will never be offered to a third party unless we've received your explicit consent or were compelled to provide it by law. Your data will be used to compute aggregate statistics across many companies and may be made available as reports to other users of Attribution Guru. Nothing in the aggregate reports will identify the underlying companies, however.

We will potentially use your data to evaluate the effectiveness and to improve the features of Attribution Guru and, if necessary, troubleshoot our app

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I have a question, suggestion, or concern. Who should I contact?

You can contact us at

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